How is Zadar City Fair

Powerful fortress walls, solid fortifying towers and reliable thick gates of ancient Zadar are perfectly preserved to the present day. This city is imbued with the spirit of history and walk along its ancient streets is one pleasure. But modern hotel complexes are located in the new district of Zadar – Borike, immediately there are popular beaches, entertainment centers and restaurants.

The cultural calendar of the ancient city is filled with extravagant holidays, festivals, fairs. The end of April is the “Days of Flowers,” where you can see Flora’s most amazing and colorful children, as well as learn all about their cultivation.

All locals and experienced tourists are looking forward to the coming days of the annual Zadar city fair. It traditionally lasts almost the entire summer — from June to August. During this time the fair is visited by hundreds of thousands of guests of the ancient city of Croatia.

Shopping tents are spread out on the major streets of Zadar over the weekend. In them you can find original souvenirs, local winemaking products, fresh products and skillful cookers. Merchant stocks are inexhaustible and limitless. Each time you can find something new and interesting, moving from tray to tray.

All visitors feel the warmth and benevolence of the locals. Zadar during the fair is like a bazaar — bright, noisy, gambling, fun and colorful. However, tourists await serious dangers in the days of the festival. The first trouble lies in the loss of a sense of time, because you can wander for long hours among a variety of goods, forgetting about the beach, sand and sea.

The second danger you will see in the emptied purse and the sparrow of souvenirs and gifts to close people. Do not lose the sense of measure, because the soliciting voices of traders act hypnotizing, and the flashing and circling of bright spots are fascinating! It’s a joke, of course, just the atmosphere of the fair contributes to a sense of ease and carelessness of being.

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