How International Chess Day

International Chess Day is celebrated annually on July 20. This holiday was founded in 1924 by the FIDE International Chess Federation (FIDE – Federation Internationale des Echecs). According to FIDE’s decision, the day began to be celebrated only from 1966. The Federation Internationale des Echecs is a non-governmental and international organization that includes 170 national chess associations.

The purpose of the existence of this organization is to develop and spread chess in the world, expand knowledge about this game. It is FIDE that sets the conditions for chess tournaments and championships, assigns titles, and changes and edits the rules.

Chess has been recognized as a sport already in 105 countries. It is still unclear to the end exactly where this game was invented, but there is an ancient legend according to which the creator is an Indian bramin. In exchange for his invention, this man asked the Raja for a strange fee — the amount of wheat grains that would turn out if you put one grain on one cell, two on the second, a third — four, etc.

It is believed that not only chess were created in this way, but also erection to a degree, which is a mathematical action. In India, this game was called chaturanga. Over time, the rules and appearance of chess themselves have changed slightly. The game was transmitted around the world through Indians, Arabs, Persians and Europeans. Translated from Turkic language, “chess” means “ruler turned”.

During the International Day of Chess in all clubs where fans of this ancient game gather, quizzes, tournaments and various events are held. Chess players visit educational institutions and conduct master classes, talk about the game itself and famous grandmasters.

Chess is very popular around the world due to the fact that they develop logical and creative thinking, improve memory and mental ability.

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