How hair building

Build hair in professional hairdressers. This way becomes a real panacea for those with fluid hair and those who don’t want to wait long to grow a braid. Hair extensions are produced in two ways: cold and hot. The difference between them is the temperature at which the new strands are attached to the base, which is your “native” hair.

In the salon you can offer several methods: Italian, English, Spanish or building up on Ring Star technology. Italian buildup refers to hot techniques and is considered one of the most reliable and perfect — hair is held up to half a year. After that period, they can be easily removed and new ones can be built up. The technique is quite simple — hair is fastened with buckles using capsules with keratin, which has the appearance of a plate. They are fastened with special heated tongs on the roots of their hair. This method of attachment is very durable, and you can safely comb your new chevelure comb.

Another hot method is English. With it, hair is attached not to the roots, but to the tips of its own hair with a special gun. A small capsule is formed at the site of the gluing. The higher the hairdresser’s skill, the more inconspicuous and smaller these capsules will be. This method is considered more sparing, but the master will only take on your head if the length of the hair is at least 6cm. Fixed artificial buckles to the temporal and occipital part of the head and hold for 3-4 months.

The Spanish method refers to cold — the extensions of hair are simply glued with a special composition. Dry, it acquires a whiteless shade, so it is used on blond and blond hair. After the procedure, their hair remains intact, but when after 4 months the strands begin to remove, the native hairs break in the places where artificial ones were attached to them, so on the head there are one “stumps”.

Ring Star technology uses metal-ceramic rings with a size of no more than 3 mm, which attach strands to their hair. The rings are painted in different colors, so the master can easily pick up their coloration so that they are inconspicuous. This method is sparing and does not spoil hair – after 4 months the rings are easily removed. It is convenient in that the build-up can be done even on a very short haircut or on a separate part of the hairstyle, such as bangs or the back of the head.

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