How fines changed in Moscow

Why does a fine of 3 thousand rubles not force Moscow drivers, unlike European ones, to comply with parking rules? Of course, not at all because Muscovites are richer than the people of Paris or Barcelona. One of the reasons for this behavior is the absence in Moscow of a special parking police, the kind that works on the streets of cities in Europe. This body only deals with detecting violators and issuing fines to them.

Russian traffic police are preferable to catch those who violate traffic rules on the roads, fines for going into an oncoming lane or speeding. By issuing a fine for incorrect parking, the traffic police officer works on the budget, so there is no special desire to fight against those who park incorrectly, the traffic inspection has no.

Furthermore, the inevitability of punishment is not obvious at all. After all, in Europe the number of the car is tightly tied to the identity of its owner and according to it in the database you can determine not only the last name and first name, but also the fiscal address at which it receives all accounts. Therefore, it is quite enough for the inspector to simply write out a fine and stick the receipt on the windshield. In Russia, the driver can receive receipts for the registration address, while he or she lives in another locality.

In addition, in Russia, the process of fixing a violation takes much longer. A normal traffic police patrol officer does not have the right to issue a fine — this makes the crew recording the violation of parking rules a special DVR. In the capital, employees of the Traffic Organization Center are engaged in this. Such cars equipped with the necessary appliances, only 10. In order for the car to be considered parked incorrectly, it must be filmed in the same place by means of the device twice within 5 minutes. If the machine remains standing at this time, its data is transferred to the traffic police database.

It is clear that at this rate it is impossible to trace all cars parked with infractions. Also, receipts of fines drivers receive after a week or another, so many of the offenders have not yet suffered punishment and have not felt the need to be corrected.

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