How can you buy a property in Italy

Restrictions for buying apartments, houses, apartments for Russians are not established by Italian legislation. Automatically after the purchase agreement is issued a Schengen visa for a period of 1 year.

Select a property. You can do it yourself during, for example, a tour trip. Or learning about the right option on the Internet, from newspapers. Read reviews about the location of the apartment or house, what is this area, what infrastructure there is, how convenient to live with children, let’s say. It is important to examine information in relation to your requirements. Okay, if you don’t have a problem with the language, then you’ll be able to communicate directly with the locals and understand whether you need to buy property in an area or not.

And you can contact the real estate agency. Within a certain time you will be selected, having previously studied the requests, the category of real estate, and you will be able to make a choice. Such organizations should give a deposit.

Next open a bank account in Italy. At the same time get a tax code (codice fiscale). Talk to the seller, determine the time and make a preliminary contract of purchase and sale. Carefully study all the items, it is better, if you do not speak the language, to invite an interpreter. Italian law differs from Russian civil law. If you violate the terms of the contract, you will have to assert your rights in the territory of the home or apartment.

Go to the notary. It will check the legal purity of the sale object. Now you can make partial calculations, for example, give 20 -30% of the transaction amount. The rest of the money is received in the seller’s account within the period stipulated in the contract. This is possible only after the notary gives you the signature of the sales purchase agreement and puts its stamp.

Registration of the contract is also made by a notary But you will pay him a fee and taxes. So, if you buy a summer residence – make a contribution of 10% of the cadastral value; if you purchase a secondary property or an apartment in a new building – contribute as much. It is more difficult if you have looked at a house for permanent residence (under Italian laws residence is more than 6 months and one day a year). You are charged 3% of the cadastral cost. If you like a brand new house or villa, the notary will ask to pay 4% of the property value. Within 1.5 years, you are obliged to submit to the official a certificate of registration issued by the municipality.

The registered contract is issued on hand within 2 months. Notary will cost 2-4,5 thousand euros. The price spread depends on the language. Document in Italian is cheaper.

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