How Belgium National Day

National Day celebrations of Belgium take place all over the country, however, the most large-scale festivities unfold in Brussels. The most striking official event of the holiday is the famous military parade (Grand Place) on Palace Square. Before the parade begins, at 10 a.m., the King of Belgium delivers a traditional festive message to the people. In his speech, the monarch congratulates subjects on a memorable date and urges them to unite to preserve the integrity and greatness of the state.

After that, the most spectacular event of the holiday begins — a large military parade, watched by the king, members of the monarch family, representatives of the political, military and business elite of the country, authorized representatives of the European Union, as well as thousands of ordinary Belgians.

After the parade, the military gives way in Palace Square to musicians and dancers. The streets of the city are filled with crowds of Belgians who hold the symbols of the state – black and yellow-red flags. Open air music groups, dance and theatre companies perform. Rue de la Regence traditionally hosts a large art and craft fair. There you can not only buy various items and souvenirs, but also try world-famous Belgian dishes and drinks, such as the famous beer.

On National Day of Belgium, many state museums and historical monuments can be visited free of charge. The Royal Museum of Art and History, as well as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, opens its doors to visitors. In addition to cultural institutions, the Belgian Parliament and the Royal Palace are opened for public visits. The final chord of the holiday is the most beautiful salute that overlooks the night sky of Brussels from 23 o’clock.

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