How anti-cafe differs from cafe

Traditional and well-known cafe is a place for consumption of various food and booze. Waiters constantly snooze, loud music plays, and the air is literally soaked in cigarette smoke. Planning a hike in the cafe is necessary in advance, having previously calculated the approximate costs for get-togethers, ordering several meals. So it happened that in Russia it is not customary to spend half a day in a cafe for a cup of coffee, communicating with friends on social networks.

It’s hard to imagine a cafe without waiters and music. Opening anticafes (being place) are a new format of establishments that are designed exclusively for cultural activities of leisure, recreation, meetings and work. It is not served expensive and gourmet dishes, alcoholic beverages. Free coffee, tea, biscuits and chocolate are available on the anticafé menu. By the way, any food can be brought with you or ordered at another place with delivery.

So what, then, is the income of the anti-cafe? The main source of income is per minute payment for staying at this institution. The cost is about one and a half rubles per minute or ninety rubles per hour and is in great demand among freelancers, because anticafes have free Wi-Fi access, among business people ( for training and negotiation), youth who play board games.

For greater convenience and maximum comfort, the anti-cafe is divided into several main zones: for creativity (here you can sculpt, draw, design and knit), for board games and communication ( backgammon, chess, checkers and others), an area for x-box games, and a meeting room. The main anti-cafe bans are smoking in the establishment, alcohol and gambling for money.

To organize such an institution you will need a large and bright room, a set of board games, furniture, internet and polite staff.

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