How Andrei Arshavin will continue his football career

Andrey Arshavin has a contract with Arsenal of London until the summer of next year. Therefore, if no other club can agree on a move with Arsenal and the player himself before the end of the summer transfer window, the career of captain of the Russian national team will continue in this team. He will have the next opportunity to change the club in six months, in the winter period of subapplications. He spent the final months of Arshavin’s tenure at the London club in the back-up bench and in games for the duplicate squad, then asked himself to be loaned out. On this basis, we can assume that he would prefer to change the team now. There are no official details of Arsenal’s handling of negotiations on the sale of the Russian footballer with anyone yet, there are only speculation and rumours made by journalists.

One of the most well-founded rumours of this kind sends Arshavin to Zenit St Petersburg, from where he was leaving for Arsenal, and where he spent the past six months as a rented player. At the end of his lease, Luciano Spaletti, the coach of the St. Petersburg team, did not express his desire to extend his cooperation with the player. However, it is now becoming clear that Miguel Danni will recover from injury not soon, and Arshavin has been loaned to the Portuguese’s place. Therefore, it is likely that Arshavin’s career will continue at Zenit.

Of other variants, English club Reading was called. The grounds for this option are only indirect – it was recently acquired by Russian businessman Anton Zingarevich, the team reached the Premier League and needs quality players to gain a foothold at a new level. In this club will play another player of the Russian national team – forward Pavel Pogrebnyak. However, there is no confirmation of this option of continuing Arshavin’s career at Reading yet.

Of other options in the press at the level of assumptions, Turkish club Galatasaray and Qatari Al-Sadd are referred to.

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