How a movie about Princess Diana is made

Around the choice of an actress for the role of Princess Diana in director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s new film, there has been a lot of controversy and rumors. Jessica Chastain, well established in the drama “Tree of Life,” was the most likely candidate. However, they subsequently stopped their choice on British-born Australian Naomi Watts.

At first glance, it is difficult to find anything common in the features of the fallen princess and actress, but just in the reincarnation and consists of the lion’s share of the acting work. Witnesses who visited the shooting of the film claim in one voice that Naomi in the frame is a cast Diana. This is confirmed by some photos capturing the working moments of filming leaked to the media.

The painting about the princess was originally titled “Caught in Flight”, but was later renamed the short “Diana”. It refers to the final two years of the life of the Queen of Human Hearts. The truth about them only surfaced in 2008 and it was revealed that this was how long the princess’s affair with Pakistani doctor Hasnat Khan lasted.

Many books have been written about Diana, the new film about her life is a film adaptation of the novel by her bodyguard Ken Worf. The story he told the world became a real sensation. The author states that Khan was someone the princess truly loved. For the sake of being with him, she was even going to move to his homeland. The script by the book was written by Stephen Jeffries.

The role of the Pakistani who captivated Diana’s heart is sung by Naveen Andrews, known to a wide audience by the TV series “Stay Alive.” Dodi Fayed, with whom she crashed in a car accident, is played by Cas Anwar. In addition, the film employs actors Juliette Stevenson, Michael Byrne, Douglas Hodge, et al.

Filming of the film “Diana” takes place in several countries of the world, in real places where the princess visited in those years. They include Pakistan, Angola, Croatia, Mozambique, England and finally France. The creators try to convey the details and surroundings of the princess as accurately as possible. This is confirmed by paparazzi images of a scene on a yacht wearing a blue swimsuit. The real pictures of the princess at one time were bought by the magazine for $6m and circled the world.

The role of Diana actress Naomi Watts was approached more than seriously. Lifting into the image, she scrutinized the princess’s biography, visiting her favorite places. But most importantly, she tries to convey the warmth, kindness and capacity for empathy of the famous queen of hearts, which brought her the love of fellow Americans.

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