How a malicious app got into App Store

Victims of the malicious application were owners of the iPhone as well as devices on the Android platform. The virus itself is contained in the Find and Call app. By annotation, the program should help users make free calls from a cell phone to social networks, Skype, etc.

The word for free attracted people who did not encounter information technology fraud. After the launch of the dangerous program, a full copy of the address book occurred, then the information was sent to the developer server of the virus. After all the phones copied from the address book sent SMS with the following content: “Now I am here and it is easier for me to reach using the app (link) for free.” The “Sender” line confirmed a valid telephone number. It is

not possible to assess the scale of fraud Approximately two and a half thousand messages were sent to almost eight hundred numbers. This is the data for Megaphone in the metropolitan region. Those users who followed the link also became part of the spam network, infecting their mobile phone with a virus.

Some uncertainty is also caused by the fact that the developers of the program have been identified. However, they deny their involvement in the creation of the spam network. According to them, everything happened is the result of a technical failure of the beta version of the application. Besides, SMS mailing occurs not at the expense of the deceived user, but from the equipment of the authors of the program. Formally a dangerous application cannot even be called a virus, because the application gets access to the address book with the permission of the user. Also, if you enter your data for email, social media, and PayPal yourself, you can lose your accounts or make them available to the app.

Most operators have a link blocked, however, the App Store and Google Play program is still available.

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