For which Kate Winslet was awarded the Order of the British Empire

Order of the British Empire was instituted by King George V in 1917. The holders of the order are divided into five categories. The most honorable title – Knight of the Grand Cross or Dame of the Grand Cross – can have only 100 people at a time. This is followed by the rank of Knight-Commandor or Dame Commandor. The Order’s charter states that only 845 Britons may carry such an honorific title. Holders of the first two ranks are eligible for knighthood. The third class of the order is the Commandor. That’s what actress Kate Winslet got it. He is followed by the least honorable classes of officer and cavalier.

Kate Winslet, originally from the Berkshire county town of Reading, began her acting career at the age of twelve. The talented actress received worldwide fame after filming in the film “Mind and Feelings” based on the novel of the same name by British writer Jane Austen. The conferral of the Order of the British Empire took the 36-year-old star by surprise. After receiving the award, the Oscar-winning actress stated that she was very proud of her nationality. “I am very surprised and flattered to be in the same row with the people who brought glory to the UK,” Winslet shared her impressions. At the same time as Winslet, Kenneth Bran, a celebrated theatre and film actor, was admitted to the ranks of the Order Bran was dedicated to the status of a knight and is to be named as Sir Kenneth Bran from that day.

Members of the order receive a distinctive badge, which must be put on the left side of the chest. Members of the Order of the British Empire must be dressed in special costumes at important receptions and events. The appearance of the mantle and collar depends on what rank a person has been awarded. Among the Russian celebrities members of the Order are radio host Seva Novgorodtsev and actor Vasily Livanov, who played Sherlock Holmes.

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