As Youth Day in Russia

For the first time such a holiday as Youth Day appeared in the USSR in the 50s. In Russia it was revived in the early 90’s. Originally, the date of the event was floating – the day was celebrated on the last weekend of June. Subsequently, the date became fixed – now the holiday always falls on June 27.

On Youth Day, the country’s political leaders offer congratulations. Usually it’s the president, sometimes the prime minister and heads of regions and cities.

Also on the festive day, various cultural events are held. For example, in Naberezhnye Chelny in 2012, a festival of modern dance was held under the auspices of Youth Day In Grozny and many other cities, festive concerts were held with the participation of both famous performers and novice youth groups.

Frequently coincide with the holiday and sports competitions. Thus, the city authorities try to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people.

Periodically, youth day events are combined with school graduations. On such days, the city authorities organize common event venues for school graduates and students. For this occasion, by the decision of city leaders, the celebration can be moved from June 27 to another day.

Although Youth Day has not been declared an official weekend, it can be considered an important holiday and a way to draw young people’s attention to various topical issues. In addition to the entertainment component, there may also be promotional activities on that day, such as those related to the withdrawal of alcohol and drugs. The variety of events depends not only on the leadership of a particular city, but also on the activity of youth organizations that get the opportunity to show themselves on that day.

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