As World Oceans Day

In anticipation of this day, public organizations associated with protecting the water expanses of the planet are holding various activities and events around the world , designed to remind people of environmental problems. The health of the Earth’s oceans is well undermined by pollution from human life products, industrial emissions and oil leaks.

These problems are drawn to the attention of world governments. Ocean Day is an occasion to raise this topic once again in the media, on the streets of cities and on the Internet. The UN Convention makes an invaluable contribution to the protection of the planet’s aquatic expanses. It contains sections on the protection of oceans and the regulation of the rights of world powers with maritime borders.

In many countries, especially those with maritime territories, shore-cleaning activities are held on July 8. They are usually arranged by public organizations, which are important to environmental problems. There are always many enthusiasts among schoolchildren and students, because the fate of the planet is directly linked to the future of today’s children

In zoos, terrariums, dolphinariums, employees on this day emphasize the attention of visitors to the problems of aquatic inhabitants. Special thematic exhibitions are being prepared where everyone can look at extinct marine animals and vanished aquatic plants.

In the resort towns on July 8 have a show with artists dressed up with inhabitants of the oceans and mythical creatures connected with water (mermaids, nayads, Neptunes). But all these cheerful heroes don’t forget to mention to campers about the need to observe cleanliness in the water. It ‘s

not just on World Oceans Day that ecology needs to be remembered. Every inhabitant of the Earth can contribute to the protection of the depths of the sea. Anyone with the help of social networks on the Internet can organize the cleanup of water and coastal territory.

Every adult inhabitant of planet Earth should be aware of the significance of the state of the oceans for the whole ecology. All human industrial activity without proper control results in catastrophic results. Detergent drains are gradually destroying life in the Baltic, Northern and Irish seas.

World Oceans Day reminds Earth residents of the urgent need to tackle pollution. During and after World War II, some 300,000 tons of ammunition containing dangerous poisonous substances (mustard gas, phosgene, adamsite) were flooded. These operations were conducted without control and with serious violations of environmental safety requirements. Container hulls to date have already been exposed to corrosion and are being destroyed. The consequences of leaking poisons would be catastrophic.

The world’s oceans occupy two-thirds of the planet’s surface and is the largest supplier of food to humans. That’s about a fifth of all animal protein consumed by Earth’s inhabitants. And phytoplankton gives approximately 70% of all oxygen to the planet’s atmosphere. We need to protect the waters of the ocean together, the only way you can achieve results.

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