As the celebration of the Caribbean culture

Celebrate the celebration of Caribbean culture in Cuba since 1981. This festival is becoming a significant event in the cultural life not only of Cubans but also of the rest of the region. It is held in the city of Santiago de Cuba, located in the eastern part of the island and continues for a whole week.

Each year the festival takes place under the sign of one of the countries of the Caribbean coast and is visited by numerous guests from different countries of the world. The diversity of national cultural traditions is represented in music, dance, poetry. Within the framework of the festival you can see theatrical performances and performances with religious content. Here you can get acquainted with the diversity of religious cults and currents held by the people of the Caribbean: voodoo, palo, santeria and their varieties.

During the festival, which is also called the “Feast of Fire”, Cubans and guests of the island can take part or simply watch performances by art and folk groups, $ carnival processions and religious ceremonies, outdoor concerts. Poetic meetings and musical evenings await them. Usually, representatives of almost 20 countries come here, the number of artists exceeds a thousand people. The

organizer of the festival is the research organization “Caribbean Home”, which aims to preserve the cultural traditions of the Caribbean and their $ popularization around the world. “Caribbean House” annually defines the theme of the holiday as well. The

gala concert, which takes place on the stage of the Heredia Theatre, opens the celebrations. Viewers can then visit numerous exhibitions of painting, sculpture and folk art samples. In the center of Santiago de Cuba, representative offices of the countries to which the festival is dedicated this year are opened. The

portion of the festival associated with religious ceremonies takes place in the form of mass ceremonies and processions dedicated to a particular deity. A theatrical performance with acts of ritual magical ceremonies is traditionally held in the Cathedral of the Virgin, located in the small town of Cobre next to Santiago de Cuba.

The festival “Fire Parade” concludes, which participants are all artists who performed at the festival and the extravaganza ceremony “The Burning of the Devil”. During its conduct, a giant figure of Satan, made of twigs and plants, is burned. This tradition, symbolizing cleansing by fire, is part of the religious cult of voodoo.

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