As the Accountants Day in Ukraine

The main purpose of organizing the Day of Accountants in Ukraine is to emphasize the prestige of the profession, break down negative stereotypes. It is important to understand that a good accountant should be perfectly versed in some aspects of modern legislation, be diplomatic, intelligent, punctual, considerate. Every year during the celebration of the Accountant’s Day, its organizers seek to emphasize that the success of the enterprise as a whole, the efficiency of spending resources and economic decisions.$

To achieve this goal, organizers hold various events, which are attended not only by accountants themselves, but also by representatives of many other professions and especially by entrepreneurs. Specialists are congratulated by public and political figures, although often the President of Ukraine makes a laudatory speech, noting the importance of the profession of accountant and the special merits of its representatives, thanks to which not only individual organizations are developing, but also the economy of Ukraine as a whole.$ Also, accountants are congratulated by specially invited celebrities, and then a festive concert is held. Some cities also organize professional events where various economic problems are discussed, and accountants share valuable experiences with each other. On

the Accountant’s Day in some cities of Ukraine, the solemn presentation of diplomas, certificates of honor, etc. situation, after which the accountants are congratulated by representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the State Treasury, the State Tax Administration, etc. Accountancy is congratulated by famous singers.

As a rule, the Accountant Day in Ukraine is celebrated with scope, while it is celebrated by representatives of many other professions. In addition to official events, there are also informal ones. In particular, in some organizations employees congratulate accountants, give them gifts, organize corporate parties in their honor, prepare congratulatory poems.

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