As Industry Workers Day


In 2000 the holiday that existed during the Soviet Union was given a new life — by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation it was declared Day of textile and light industry workers. Light industry is rightly considered to be one of the closest to a person, as it is designed to meet a wide range of its basic needs. Its main components are traditionally considered textile, garment, fur, leather and footwear industries.


The second Sunday of June is a professional holiday of workers and veterans of light industry. In the labor teams on this day there is a summation of the results of the work, honoring and rewarding of the most distinguished workers. Winners are determined in various categories — “Best Industrial Organization”, “Best Scientific Organization”, “Best Manager”, etc. The results of professional skill competitions are summarized. Since light industries employ many women, this day can rightly be called a labor holiday.

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day of workers of light and textile industry, various scientific and practical events are timed, where you can get acquainted with the latest achievements in the industry, exchange information with potential partners. Representatives of foreign companies also take part in these events.


As a rule, festive concerts are held in many regions of the country in honor of the holiday. Both well-known performers and local music groups take part in them.


On this day, master classes and demonstration competitions in professional skills are held. Fashion designers show off their new collections. Photo exhibitions dedicated to the development of domestic light and textile industries are held in many regions.

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