Are there mites in the pine forest

Ticks can be found not only in the forest area throughout the Russian Federation, but also in parks, squares. It is possible to encounter the parasite even in the conditions of the city in the territories overgrown with grass and shrubs.

In the pine forest, mites settle rarely, only in case of favorable conditions for survival. If the forest pore with grass, shrub, there are unobtainable deposits of walleye, there are felling, warmed by the sun and sufficient humidity levels – these are the most favorable conditions under which the breeding of mites will be the most active. Therefore, the myth that it is perfectly safe to visit a pine forest has nothing to do with reality.

It doesn’t matter what forest to settle in. The main thing is that conditions are favorable. A huge number of rodents live in the pine forest. Parasite larvae settle on them and inhabit until they turn into nymphs — the intermediate state of the mite between the larva and the adult.

In dry pine forest, where there are no thickets, walleye and cuttings, mites are rare enough. But when visiting any forest, do not forget the safety measures. Clothes should fit tightly to the body, pants need to be filled in boots or boots, be sure to remove hair under a headscarf or tight headdress, splash all things with spray designed to scare away ticks.

When the tick is still sucked, it is necessary to immediately go to the nearest hospital. If you live in endemic areas, you will receive an immunoglobulin injection, which will help prevent tick-borne encephalitis.

In the absence of the opportunity to pay a visit to the doctor, the tick needs to be carefully tied with a strong thread and pulled out with slacking movements. If the insect’s head is left in the skin, it can be removed with a disinfected needle, like a normal drift. Then hurry to the hospital. Tack the parasite in a glass container so it is possible to examine it if necessary.

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