1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona

1992 has become difficult enough for many states politically. It couldn’t help but reflect on the Olympics. The games were attended by teams of 169 countries, but among them there were no USSR and Yugoslavia – these countries had by then broken up into several states each. In the case of the athletes of the former USSR, it was decided to form the United team, acting under a white flag with Olympic rings. However, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia decided to play separate national teams. There has been a similar situation with Yugoslavia. The three countries that withdrew – Croatia, Slovenia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina – fielded independent teams. The remaining Yugoslav athletes competed as part of the Independent Olympic Participants team. The

new team was also the German national team, playing together for the first time since unification of the country The first time Namibian athletes went to the games.

Despite the loss of Baltic athletes, the United team of the former USSR was able to take first place in the unofficial medal standings. Swimmers and gymnasts performed especially successfully. In team sports, gold was brought by the women’s basketball team.

The U.S. finished second by a significant margin in the number of gold medals. The high level of skill has traditionally been shown by American runners and tennis players. The

third was the national team of the united Germany, as it was able to send to the games the best athletes of the GDR and Germany – very strong sports-wise countries. The fourth was China, which was a great result for this country at the time. The dignified performance of Chinese athletes showed that the country is paying increasing attention to the sport. The final results of this policy came to prominence in the Olympics of the 2000s, when China became one of the universally recognized leaders in summer sports.

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