1900 Summer Olympics in Paris

The second Olympic Games was decided to be held at the same time as the World Expo in Paris to attract more spectators. However, these competitions were very different from modern ones. The Games have been held for months and historians are still wrangling over what the exact list of winners and competitions of this Olympics is. The organizational level of these games also cannot be compared to the later time. There were not yet special settlements for foreign athletes, as well as opening and closing ceremonies for the games.

Athletes of 24 countries went to the competition. 12 states were represented at the games for the first time, among them – the Russian Empire. But there were no athletes from Africa and Asian states at the competition. An exception was an athlete from India, in those days part of the British Empire.

Championships were held in 20 sports disciplines. Among these were those that were later eliminated from competition as part of the games, such as the Basque pelota.

For the first time, women participated in the games, which was a bold decision for the time on the part of the organisers. In particular, a separate women’s golf tournament was held. In cricket, they performed on par with men, and both female singles and mixed doubles competed in tennis.

The first place in number of medals was taken by France – the hostess of sports competitions. French rowers, shooters and fencers performed most successfully. The second was the United States team, already in those days winning the status of a sports power. This country’s track and field athletes received the most medals. Golfers both male and female have also performed successfully.

Athletes of the Russian Empire were represented in only two disciplines, fencing and equestrian sports, and failed to win medals.

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