Where to rest in Europe spring

Once in European cities in spring, you are sure to be pleased with the absence of summer exhausting heat, which although in many ways contributes to an active beach holiday, but at the same time time is not too conducive for long hiking.

More or less warm weather on the European continent is usually established as early as mid-April, although in the south the cold and frost recede much earlier. For example, in Portugal since mid-February the thermometer column rises above +10°C, and in the south of the Apennine Peninsula in March the sun begins to bake up to +35°C. If you are planning to spend your spring holiday within the Schengen area, European countries such as Spain, Holland, Italy, France and Czech Republic.


Exquisite and sophisticated France attracts eyes at any time of the year, but it is in spring that the French capital is very romantic. Dissolving greenery paints the streets of Paris with fresh, bright colors, while filling them with delicate and fragrant floral scents. The exuberant flowering of magnolias, wisteria, tulips and chestnuts is best enjoyed in the famous parks of Paris. The Tuileries Garden, the Bois de Boulogne, the Champ de Mars, the Parc de Monsurie and the Parc Butte-Chaumont fall in love with themselves at a glance in clear, sunny weather.

Thanks to the mild climate, the real spring in Paris usually starts from the second decade of April. Warm sunny days allow not only to wander the Parisian streets and squares, but also heartily enjoy the famous French picnics. Those who don’t like big bustling cities can be advised to go for a picnic in quieter French provinces. All the beauty of the provincial French landscapes can be appreciated in Provence, Aquitaine and the Loire Valley.

Czech Old Woman Czech

Republic is surprisingly beautiful at any time of year. Spring in Prague, as in all other regions of the country, delicate green gardens are scented, yellow mimosas bloom, bright tulips and hyacinths are dissolved. In spring, Czech resorts are usually not very crowded, so when planning your tourist route it should be taken into account that almost until the end of April many palaces and castles are completely closed for any visits.

You should start a busy tourist route in the Czech Republic, most likely, from Prague. Overwhelmed by ancient legends, the Czech capital almost always appears to tourists rather grim, but in the rays of cheerful spring sun the harsh medieval architecture looks quite so otherwise.


‘s inimitable Italy never suffers from a lack of attention from tourists. Nevertheless, in the first spring months the tourist flow in the country has been significantly reduced. At this time of year you can enjoy many iconic sights, such as visiting the famous Colosseum or the Leaning Tower of Leaning. Fans of long hiking should visit beautiful Puglia or Tuscany, where a huge number of historical monuments are concentrated. If you want a holiday in the vicinity of the sea, then safely choose such bright and sunny cities as Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi and Atrani.

The Netherlands

Talking about the most picturesque corners of Europe during the spring period, it would be a real crime not to silence a couple of words about beautiful Holland. After the end of World War II, a colorful Parade of Flowers is held here every spring, which by established tradition begins in the second half of April and lasts for at least five days.

Huge floral arrangements move from one town to another, allowing everyone to enjoy their fragrant beauty. The solemn flower procession is accompanied by a loud brass band, performance by artists and an interesting light show. In addition to the Parade of Flowers in the spring, there are some other spectacular events in Holland. For example, King’s Day (27 April) and the traditional Easter are very vividly celebrated here.


According to many experienced travelers, spring Spain is not inferior to summer. Spring holidays in Spain are filled with pleasant sunny warmth and numerous holidays. For example, in May, Madrid Day is widely celebrated in the capital, and 14 days after Easter, the equally colorful Royal Fair opens in Seville. In Valencia, the spring festival of Fallas can be caught in mid-March, during which giant satirical sculptures and various floral decorations rise in the central square of the city. For nearly two weeks, there have been mass folk outings throughout the city, accompanied by mind-blowing fireworks and incendiary dances. During the spring fiesta, all of Spain looks incredibly colourful.

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