Where is the most beautiful nature in Russia?

Altai and Kamchatka — a wonder of nature

Russian nature is not as lush and multicolored as, for example, in the areas located near the equator, but also it is abundant very beautiful objects. Altai Mountain is beautiful alpine meadows, unspoilt forests, mountain lakes, a stunning variety of flora and fauna. From Altai glaciers take the origins of the turbulent rivers Biya and Katun, the confluence of which forms the river Ob – one of the largest and most complete water in Russia. The purest air and abundance of plants – endemics (that is, growing only in this region) make this region a real paradise for beekeepers. Altai honey is rightly considered one of the most delicious and useful.

Altai’s highest point is Mount Belukha, reaching 4506 meters above sea level.

Kamchatka, a huge peninsula located on the farthest eastern tip of Russia, represents a natural miracle. Because the world-famous Valley of Geysers is located there. It is such a magnificent and grand spectacle that even the loudest words will not be enough to describe it. Unfortunately, due to the great remoteness of Kamchatka and the special regime of the Kronotsky Biosphere Reserve, where this valley is located, the number of visitors to this wonderful valley is very limited.

This natural miracle almost died in 2007, after the valley was covered by a landslide due to heavy downpours.

Fortunately, soon new, even heavier downpours eroded the natural backwater, and the valley cleared.


Kamchatka and in addition to the Valley of Geysers there are many beautiful places.

Lenskoye pillars – the main attraction of the great

River Lena, flowing in Eastern Siberia, has a length of about 4400 kilometers. On its shores there are many beautiful natural objects. But the most famous and grandiose of them is certainly the Lens Pillars. According to geologists, this wonder of nature began to form during the Cambrian period, about 550 million years ago. This process was completed from a geological point of view just recently — in 400 thousand years BC.

For many kilometres, the rugged Ispolinian cliffs overhang the river water. Their height reaches 100 meters. The shape of these rocks is exceptionally diverse, quirky. Lens poles make just a grand impression on the person who first saw them.

It is difficult to make even a short list of the most places of our homeland After all, there are so many, and each place is beautiful! In their own way, the Caucasian mountains, and the Astrakhan pluni with flowering lotuses, and the Siberian taiga, and Karelian lakes, waterfalls are beautiful.

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