Types of insurance for tourists

Types of travel insurance packages

There are three main types of health insurance packages for tourists. They are classified according to the variety of insurance options provided in them.

The cost of the insurance policy depends on the country of destination, the list of insurance cases, the duration and purpose of the trip, the age of the tourist. The insurance rate for 1 day of stay is usually 0.5 – 2 USD.

Type A is the simplest. It covers costs of not more than 15 thousand euros. Only emergency medical care is provided, if necessary – transportation to the country of residence. There is no cover for damages, compensation for moral harm, compensation for disruption of the tour, or not fully used rest days.

Type B – extended. It provides for the provision of services under the first package plus the possibility of evacuating children of the insured, returning home earlier in case of illness, as well as the visit of a close relative at long-term treatment.

Type C is preferable because it includes options of the first two types, as well as baggage insurance, legal advice, assistance in returning home when documents are lost and reverse tickets.

The most important nuances in the issuance of an insurance policy

Insurance companies offer contracts in the form of ready-made packages, in which additional items can be included. When choosing a policy, it is recommended that you pay special attention to important details.

The amount of insurance coverage. Its minimum value is set by many States. In the countries of the Schengen Agreement, it is 30 thousand euros, in Canada, the United States and Japan — 50 thousand dollars.

In the insurance period, it is better to have a day or two of the stock after the tour end date.

Franchise availability. This is the amount of damage or costs that the insurer is not paid. For example, if a deductible of $100 and a visit to a doctor cost 120, only the difference of $20 is compensated. A non-deductible insurance policy costs somewhat more.

Enable the “active rest” option. It is recommended to fans of sports, attractions and entertainment.

Possibility of treatment on insurance of effects of sunburn and heat shock, which is relevant for trips to hot countries.

It is advisable to include in the policy other services of the dentist, except for providing emergency assistance.

The need for baggage insurance. The carrier is responsible for the goods carried in baggage compartments, but in case of loss of compensation small. The most valuable items are better transported in carry-on luggage.

When making an insurance contract it is necessary to carefully read its text. It is necessary to find out emergency phone numbers and the procedure of action when an insurance event occurs. This information should be reflected in the document issued to the tourist.

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