Portugals immigration program Golden Visa: conditions, benefits

Since October 2012, the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit Program (Golden Residence Permit Program) has been in place, allowing you to purchase the necessary document for living in Portuguese to citizens of other countries – Residence permit.$ It grants the right to live in Portugal for 5 years, then it is issued there by the MW and allowed to apply for citizenship. Usually after 6 years, participants of the program become Portuguese citizens.

Investment conditions

are offered different:

· from 250 thousand euros can be invested in cultural items,

· from 350 thousand euros to invest in research of scientific and technical nature,

· 350 thousand or more euros to invest in real estate with a life of over 30 years,

· not less than 350 thousand euros to invest in business, at condition of creation of 5 permanent jobs,

· purchase real estate at a cost of 500 thousand euros (a smaller amount of 20% is possible if real estate is purchased in the districts with low density of living),

· 500 thousand euros or more to invest in the existing business of small or medium enterprises,

· 1 million euros or more to invest in deposit of a local bank or invest in state bonds.

It is also remarkable that the conditions of the “Golden Visa” when investing in business allow you to change the type of activity, and if necessary close it and invest money in real estate. It is important that within 5 years the participant of the program does not withdraw his investments from the economy of the country.

Advantages of “Golden Visa” 

Obvious advantages:

  •  relatively low cost of investment and the possibility in 5 years to return costs,
  •  without permanent residence in to the country, the participant receives after 5 years of MW, and, in general, after 6-7 years — the citizenship of Portugal,
  • the

  •  status of the participant of the program gives the right to work and do business in Portugal, which implies lead a European standard of living with affordable prices for living.

Citizens who have immigrated to Portugal, after years of being in a “new life”, often regret not having done so before, and when they come to the country they were unable to correctly optimize your funds to get the most out of your investments. With the Golden Visa, it became possible.

To obtain the residence permit of Portugal, the investor does not need to know the language or history of the state, permanent residence in the country is also not required. Specialists of different international companies provide a whole range of services in acquiring dual citizenship for investments, will help save your money and time. In a few months, you can become a member of the Golden Visa program and get a residence permit in Portugal.

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