Mysterious places of Russia: Trehostrovskoye Kapisch

From the middle of the century before last, there has been a legend that “The navel of the Earth” hides incredible treasures. However, none of the storefinders who went in search of wealth came back with the loot.


The name of the building was obtained by the nearby village of Trehostrovskaya. The sanctuary “talked about its secrets” in the mid-nineties. The author of the sensation was the archaeologist Skripkin. Almost intact reached a surprising place to modern scientists, as it could not determine the nature of the sanctuary at once, and therefore research was not carried out for a long time.

First became interested in the “Pup of the Earth” in the twenties of the last century. No results could be obtained. The expedition that began excavation went back, facing insurmountable obstacles. No one of their participants could explain their reasons.

Inconceivably ready for research already excavated the day before again gained its original appearance, and on top of it as if drowned. The same perplexing archaeologists saw after a full day of work.

Now the picture has been supplemented by the exemption from strapping horses raving around the neighborhood. The researchers realized that the idea of them to someone is strongly not moral and unfriendly place left. Work resumed only in the nineties.

Amazing discoveries

It turned out that from sight was hiding the iconic sanctuary of fireworshippers. The five-metre kiln, which served as a ritual bonfire, towered in the middle of the correct circle. She worked without interruption for many centuries.

A vent shaped like a broad pipe was opened, and the walls and bottom nested with white stone. On top after filling the furnace with wood, the priestesses laid cobblestones and limestone. Polenya was then set alight to smolder, filling the entire county with dark smoke clouds. Smoke was an offering to an ancient deity. The fire was maintained constantly.

The dimensions of the sanctuary are impressive. In diameter, the area surrounded by a moat reaches 200 m. This is one-and-a-half times superior to the famous Stonehenge. It is impossible to name exactly age, but according to the opinion of scientists it is not less than 2500 years

No confirmation of the existence of a settlement on this site was found. Neither artifacts nor remains could be found. Therefore, it was concluded that there were no dwellings. The topsoil concealed speck from unburned coal, petrified ash, chalk and clay that resembled hardened lava.

This alloy is obtained only when sintering in an industrial furnace, but not at the stake. Scientists were never able to figure out how ancient humans managed to achieve such temperatures.

Unsolved riddles

Tourists willingly visit the house located in a pair of “Don”. With them as souvenirs they carry ice stones from the moment of excavation on the surface. According to the belief, they fulfill desires. However, often cobblestones are brought back: according to the confessions of the owners, the appearance of artifacts in the house activates poltergeists.

There is also no consensus on the issue of the emergence of the sanctuary. There is a version that was built by the ancient Zoroastrians, who created bonfires very far from the temples, and in the steppes hidden the tomb of Zoratustra. Another hypothesis refers to ancient nomads who used the place at times, did not use it constantly.

Ufologists insist that no iconic building this place has ever been. They are sure that the anomaly is a landing pad. In favor of their hypothesis speaks also a layer of speck.

Bioenergy found that in the middle of the ground hits a powerful energy source. They attribute its appearance to the location of the landmark in a kind of triangle and the power of ancient rites. The power is such that you can feel it even without equipment.

Many consider amazingly mystical, because the sensations here all experience amazing. Travelers admitted that they had self-belief, harmony and peace.

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