Mysterious places of Russia: the tract of Shushmore

Even on the most detailed map of the Moscow region, you can’t find an ominous anomaly. And there is no similar name in the atlases annexed to the atlases. The exact location of the tract could not be determined. Presumably it is hidden on the zakyazminsky right bank, between the rivers Buzha and Poles.

Meshchersk anomaly

Terrain geographically belongs to the State Natural National Park of Meshchera. Here do not lead peat developments, there are no objects of land reclamation, power lines. Even tourist routes bore this side.

Not even country roads. Only forest trails lead to places of animal water. Shushsea marshes are located north of the village of Pustosha. Although there is no place on the map, it is known to old-timers.


powerful geo-energy zone located in the Moscow region is distinguished by the giant size of the plant, and inconceivable way curved trees, and appearing periodically snakes unaccustomed to these places of size, and optical atmospheric anomalies.

Mysteries of Shushmore

The rare daredevils who visited the center of the tract told about a mysterious structure standing in the middle of the marshes and complex forests, similar to an ancient house. Its half-sphere is located in a small clearing. Around the hemisphere at equal intervals are exposed stone pillars, or rather their remains with mysterious writings.

Shushmore is often associated with the disappearance of people close to the tract. The glory seat in the county has ominous. Since the end of the century before last, several missing whole units have been recorded. Disappearances also in modern times, and their number exceeds a dozen.

There are fewer willing to visit sinister places. If earlier local lords-searchers came here for the sake of excavations on a place of glass plant of brothers Bibikov, now searchers scare away numerous “fear” journalists. And there is no need for such visits.

Assumptions and conclusions

Participants of the capital expeditionary organization “Ecology of the Unknowable” concluded the existence of a geological fault in the north-east of Moscow region. On such places, Slavs used to arrange capitszha, where they worshipped pagan gods.

Local legend has it that there is a small stone mound in Shushmore. It is securely covered by shrub and grass Below it lies the commander of Batu Khan. The conqueror who went with the detachment on Vladimir was bound in the Shatura swamps. The hill folded at the site of the death of soldiers.

The spirit of the commander from that time cannot rest. Here and rattling constantly over the thunderstorm tract. And during the rain over the river Shushmora always the brightest lightning and the blackest clouds.

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