Mysterious places in Russia: Lake Smerdyachie

Very weak smell of hydrogen sulfide, however, is present by bursting onto the surface with a swarm of bubbles. This confirms the origin story of the “death” name. According to one of the local legends, the water body has a double bottom.

The mystery of origin

A perfectly round lake even near resembles a huge dish. In cloudy weather, the body of water strikes almost black eyes. And the silence around evokes associations with horror films. The corresponding atmosphere is supported by trunks of bereaved birches.

This place has always been considered mysterious and dangerous. Local historian Nikolay Fomin began to solve mysteries in 1983. He hypothesized the meteorite origin of the body of water. In 1985, the first research began. Final conclusions were reached in 2002. In one and a half kilometers from Smerdyachy, scientists found glass impactites. The rocks were melted under the influence of high temperatures.

Opinions emerged that the space guest had split into smaller debris. Scientists do not stop searching for the “Shatura meteorite”, considering it key to unraveling the Tungus phenomenon.

Changes of the lake

The story with the depth of the body of water and smell is interesting. The nature of the characteristic aroma of hydrogen sulfide could also be cosmic: the meteorite contained quite a bit of sulfur. However, after the drilling of artesian wells, the smell disappeared, but the recharge from the springs stopped as well.

Once crystal clear water turned into a reddish-brown liquid, retaining transparency and remaining always strikingly cold. The reasons for the level fluctuation have not yet been studied.

But locals willingly share legends and bikes with travelers. And in the entire system of Shatura lakes, Smerdyachie occupies the first place in terms of abnormality.

Mysteries of the mysterious zone

According to the stories, the enchanted place allows not everyone to get to it, taking away strangers. Birch trees growing around it have square trunks. The lake affects a person’s consciousness, causing strange sensations, headache and increased pressure among those present on the shore.

The body of water is often visited by researchers of paranormal phenomena. The body of water itself is considered an anomalous zone, so is popular with ufologists and followers of diverse cults as part of Shushmore.

Neither hard-to-reach nor small size can reduce the interest of tourists and travel enthusiasts in this place. The deep hollow is fringed by dense pine forest and a tall earthen yielding shaft.

There are always lots of mushrooms and berries near Smerdyachy. Particularly appreciated for its amazing taste is local forest strawberries. Fishermen cannot come to a common opinion on catches. Some assure that no fish is long gone, because the lake is dead. But others object, saying that both the pike and the perches there peck perfectly.

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