Japan: a few separate facts

  1. The Japanese themselves since very ancient times call their country Nippon (or in other way – Nihon). Such a name is composed of two hieroglyphs. One translates as “sun”; the other translates “basis”. Therefore, the informal definition of Japan as the Land of the Rising Sun emerged. On the flag it is symbolized by a circle of red color. The island nation’s coat of arms contains a round yellow chrysanthemum, which has already become the national flower. She, too, acts as a symbol of the sun at sunrise.
  2. The number of people living in Japan has changed, but marginally over recent years. On average, the population is 126 million people. It wasn’t always like that. In 1945, there were almost 72 million people living. And already by 2016, the population grew by 80%: 126, 9 million people.
  3. Japan is a state that includes several islands. Therefore, the sea washes it from all possible sides, which obliges the Japanese to eat many fish and fish products. They eat them most hunted with cheese, sometimes in jerky form. But there are also dishes traditionally cooked on a frying pan or coals.
  4. Japan is a country sublime. In figurative and direct sense. Traditions, culture, science have always singled out this state against the background of many other countries, including European countries. And the elevations, mountains that occupy over 3/4 of the entire territory, also allow to call Japan unique.
  5. There are

  6. not as many minerals in Japan as the country’s leadership would like. They mainly produce hard coal, silver and gold ores, industrial raw materials, natural building materials.
  7. Japan’s capital Tokyo has many streets, so much so that if you add all their lengths, it will be 22 thousand km — and this is more than half the length of the equator of our planet. There are many houses too: more than 4 million And in doing so, most streets don’t even have names. On the houses hang simple plaques indicating the district number (there are 23 in the city), the block and the apartment numbers. This system of designations constantly inconveniences even the police, taxi drivers, who are famous for very good quality customer service. Guests and visitors will take even more time to find a welcome home. Car flyovers connect parts of the city. But on them the movement of more than 5 million cars occurs with certain difficulties.
  8. There are several different festivals in Japan each year. Their number is more than 40. Of particular note is the famous snow festival taking place on the “white island” of Hokkaido. Happens it in early February. More than 300 snow structures are created on Sapporo Street during the celebration days. Characters of famous Japanese fairy tales, heroes of literary works, copies of famous monuments and creations of architecture – all this can be observed during the joyful days of the big holiday.

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