How to relax on the sea with a tent


merits and disadvantages of a savage holiday

 In fact, a holiday at the sea with a tent is always organized about the same. So if you have similar experiences, you’re unlikely to need additional knowledge.

The advantages of tent rest include its budget, lack of tight deadlines, great freedom in the choice of place, stay in nature. You can find a very secluded place and sunbathe there with nakish. You can build a bonfire and fry sausages on it. You can still take your loved one and fall asleep in two under the noise of waves!

While relaxing on the sea with a tent, do not forget to leave behind a place as clean as it was when you arrived.

But there are drawbacks as well. It is the shortcomings and need to be compensated with a reasonable choice of place for rest and properly chosen equipment. If you are resting savage, then you will not have a shower, toilet, refrigerator, electricity, and clean fresh water, of which you are absolutely certain.

Preparation for rest

Try to prepare a list of possible places to place a tent in advance. These can be camping towns or secluded beaches. Information about such places is full on the Internet. The better you prepare to find a place, the faster you find a great option. When choosing a location, focus on the presence of a freshwater river nearby or a shop where you can buy water.

Do not immediately remove such option as vacation in paid camping. For a small price you will get the opportunity to wash in the shower. Usually the campsite has toilets, electrical outlets and cooking kitchens, as well as clean fresh water.

What to take with

you Buy a really nice tent that will reliably protect you from rain. Despite the fact that summer at the sea is usually quite sunny, even a short rain can spoil your life for the next few days. And short regular rains every day and at all will make rest unbearable.

It is better to choose the tent not high so that it is not demolished by strong wind. Also it should be double-layered, with good ventilation. Ok, if aside from the tent, you have a big awning.

Inflatable mattresses, foam for sleep, sleeping bags (better warm) will be useful. A must be everything for bonfire breeding: matches, saw or axe, paper for kindling. Of course, bring with you a boiler, plates and mugs, cutlery, a knife and a key for the canning cans.

Be sure to take care of the first aid kit! It should include remedies for insect bites, bandage, patch, antiseptic, aspirin and paracetamol.

Don’t think that since you go to the sea in summer, then warm things won’t be needed. Nights and evenings can be cold. Warm clothes, rainstorms, hats (for sun protection) will be very useful.

Additionally, it is useful to have a flashlight, navigator or map. From the products take sugar, salt, cereals, canned food, tea and coffee.

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