How to leave Russia debt


Make sure you have a limit on leaving the country. This restriction can be imposed only by bailiffs on the basis of a court decision to recognize you as a debtor. Neither collectors nor bank workers have such powers. The order to restrict your departure from the country must be sent to your postal address. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for letters not to reach the recipient, and the debtor will know about the restriction only at the border. To avoid such an unpleasant surprise, please check the information in the FSSP office in advance.


If the amount of your debt does not exceed 10000 rubles, you can safely plan a trip abroad. No exit restriction can be imposed.


If the amount of your debt is still more than 10000 rubles, you can also travel outside Russia without violating the law. The way thousands of debtor travelers use is to leave across the border of Belarus, where there is no full border control. From the cities of the Republic of Belarus you can easily leave anywhere in the world on any form of transport. In some major cities in Russia, travel companies have even sprung up offering such a service as arranging travel for debtors through Minsk and Kiev.


If you do not attract a trip with a transfer at all, please note that the departure limit is set for exactly six months. The restriction is not extended, but can only be reimposed. In the latter case, the procedure usually takes from a few days to two weeks. This time is enough to travel abroad if you, for example, have long dreamed of going on holiday. In this case, you are not breaking the law, however, this method is not 100% effective due to frequent delays in updating the debtors’ database.

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