How to get to Zhulebino


To get to Zhulebino, you need to get to Vykhino metro station. It is the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line. On the subway circuit, it is light purple. Transplants to this branch are at stations “Taganskaya”, “Pushkinskaya”, “Proletarskaya”, “China-Gorod”, “Barrikadnaya”, “Kuznetsky Bridge”.



Zhulebino area from Vykhino station can be reached by buses Nos. 177, 184, 669 and share taxis of the same numbers. Drive (if without traffic) for about ten to fifteen minutes. Stops from which motor transport goes to Zhulebino are easy to find. Get out of the first subway car and take the stairs down. Then roll right without going into the underpass. Navigate the road towards the GUU (State University of Management). In front of the university fence, on the sidewalk, there will be the right stops.


Also Zhulebino can be reached by train from Kazan Station. This path may be more convenient for those who need to get to houses located near Kosino-Ukhtomskaya station. It is in the Ĺ˝ulebino District. This is the next stop after Vyhino. It’s small, and not every electric train stops there. So, before buying a ticket, please check the schedule. Travel time from the station to the desired station is about thirty minutes.


By car to Zhulebino can be reached via Ryazansky or Volgograd avenues. Having left on the MKAD, find a turn on Lermontovsky Avenue (it is located on the eleventh kilometer of the ring highway). Roll on it and you get to the very beginning of the Zhulebino area. This avenue passes through the whole district and ends already in Luberz. Travel time from the center of Moscow without traffic jams is about forty minutes. Morning and evening can amount to two hours or more. South-East and east of the capital are actively being built up, so every year the capacity of Ryazansky and Volgograd avenues deteriorates.

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