How to get to Volzhsky


In Volga itself there is a railway and bus station. As well as it adjoins large tracks. But the direct connection is not with all points of Russia. Quite often you have to take a ticket to Volgograd, and from there to get by car. The distance from Volgograd to Volzhsky is not more than 15 km, and it is necessary to cross the river on one of the bridges.


From any area in Volgograd it is easy to get to Volzhsky by public transport. There are regular numbers of share taxis and buses that run between cities. Taxi can also be called. From the farthest point of Volgograd to get about 3 hours, but from the center — only 30-40 minutes. And from the metropolis several times a day there is a train which also comes to the satellite city.


Railway directly to Volzhsky can only be reached from the southern part of the country. Passenger trains come from Astrakhan, Chechnya, Stavropol Krai. There are a few lineups, so it is easier to take a ticket to Volgograd.


Bus to Volzhsky is easily accessible from Moscow, Voronezh, Astrakhan. Daily to the city comes at least 4 buses from the capital, the same number goes back. In the summer there are additionally flights to Krasnodar Krai. Good transport links in Volzhsky with the region: flights to Kamyshin, Uryupinsk, Sredny Akhtuba have existed for many years.


There is

no airport in Volzhsky, but you can fly to Volgograd. Today the message is established with many countries. Direct access to European states, resort centers and back. From the airport to Volzhsky by car only 1.5 hours. Convenient taxi services are always available to the city.


The Volgograd-Astrakhan route passes through the Volzhsky. There is also a message with Voronezh, Saratov, Penza. Highways are in a satisfactory condition, but it will not be difficult to reach Volzhsky by car.

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