How to get to Varna


From Moscow to Varna just under two thousand kilometers. You can overcome this distance by plane, train, car. None of the ways of difficulty travelers will deliver.


The first way, the easiest and fastest is to go to Varna by plane. From mid-April to the end of October there are charter flights of a wide variety of airlines. In autumn and winter there are regular flights from Bulgaria Air. The cost of tickets varies greatly. From thirty euros for last minute trips, up to three hundred – during the holiday season. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy out an entire tour at one of the agencies than to buy only plane tickets.


Second way – less fast, but more romantic – train. It will suit those who are afraid to fly or have a reserve of time and want to take a small tour of Western Ukraine and Romania. There is a train from Moscow to Varna for almost two days. Along the way it makes many stops – at borders and customs points, at stations, to change wheels. The last one is the longest time. Because of the fact that rails in Bulgaria and Romania already, than in Ukraine and in Russia, the whole composition has to be repositioned to other sets of wheels.

The trailed car Moscow-Varna goes from the Kiev station. The schedule changes every year. Most often, the wagon starts running from the end of May, finishes – at the end of October. The cost of a train ticket is not much less than the price of a plane ticket during the most popular season. For a regular coupe will have to pay about one hundred and sixty euros, for a suite – about two hundred.


The third way is by car travel. To get to Varna from Moscow by car, take the route M3 along the Kiev highway. Further follow to the border with Ukraine (after settlement of Kalinovka). There, the M3 route connects to the M2, transitioning into the M02. In the Chemer area, the M02 merges with the M1 to form the M01 route. On it continue the way to Kiev, from which you leave on the route M6. Further straight, through Korostyshev and Zhitomir. In Zhitomer, the M06 route passes to the M03. Follow it through Starokonstantinov, Khmelnitsky, Kamenets-Podilsky, Khotin, Chernivtsi, to the border with Romania. Next along the route, cross the whole of Romania and enter Bulgaria in the Ruse area. From Ruse to Varna about two hundred kilometers on a good road.

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