How to get to the Berezniks


Decide how you will start the journey. To get to Bereznikov, you first need to get to Perm, the administrative center of the region. You can do this in two ways — by train or by plane.


If you want to shorten travel time, prefer air travel. The following carriers operate to Perm Bolshaya Savino Airport: Aeroflot, UTair Airlines, Siberia Airlines, Transaero. Specialized travel sites and online booking systems will help to choose the most suitable flight time and cost of arrival. Tickets can be booked in the same place or on the official airline pages. Travel time from the capital will be approximately 2 hours. From Bolshoy Savino to the center of Perm can be reached by bus number 42 or share taxi number 1T, the final stop is the bus station opposite the Central Market, from which there are buses to Bereznikov.


Head to Perm by train if you want to save. However, the fare in a coupey wagon is comparable to the price of a ticket bought in a share or on a special offer. Trains run through Perm to Krasnoyarsk, Nizhny Tagil, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Novy Urengoy, Abakan, Chelyabinsk and Khabarovsk. Trains arrive at Perm II station. From there you can get to the bus station by bus number 1, 37 and 67, tram number 5 and share taxi number 19T.


Purchase a ticket to Bereznikov at the bus station ticket office. Fairly new buses depart from platform number 13 every half hour. Travel time will be about 3 hours. Buses pass on St. Five-years with all the major stops. The terminus of the route is Privokzalnaya Square. To get to Berezniki, you can take other buses passing through the city, for example, to Krasnovishersk, Solikamsk, Aleksandrovsk, Yayva and Nyroba.

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