How to get to Saranska


Planes to Saransk fly from three Russian cities – Moscow, Samara and Saratov. Flights are made by the company “Mordovian Airlines”. Planes fly daily, travel time to Saransk is about an hour. You can order tickets on the airline’s website, or buy at the airport ticket office.


From Moscow to Saransk follows the signature train “Mordovia”. It leaves Kazan Station daily, at 21:24. Along the way, the train makes stops at stations of the republic of Mordovia – Zubova Polyana, Potma, Torbeev, Kovylkin, Kadoshkin and Ruzaevka. As part of the train there are placard cars, coupe, suite, as well as a restaurant wagon. On the way – about twelve hours.


You can get to Saransk through the station “Pervomaisk-Gorkovsky”. Train number 80 goes there. It departs from Kazan station at 20-48, daily. Arriving at the terminus is around seven a.m. From Pervomaisk through the settlement of Yelniki to Saransk go share taxis. Travel time is about three hours.


From the Moscow Central Bus Station in Shchelkovo there are buses to Saransk. Departure daily at 07-45. The approximate travel time is twelve hours without taking into account Moscow traffic jams. The bus station is located near the metro station “Shchelkovskaya”, at the address Uralskaya Street, house 2. Phone for reference: + 7 (495) 468-04-00, and + 7 (495) 468-43-70.


By car from Moscow to Saransk it is most convenient to go on the Nosovikhinsky highway, which passes to the Nizhny Novgorod highway. The road has recently been renovated, expanding in the Nizhny Novgorod region to eight lanes. There may be difficulties only after Arzamas, there the route is two-lane and not repaired for a long time. It is possible to reach Saransk and Yegoryevsky Highway, but it is narrower and traffic jams often occur in the area of Bronnitsa city.

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