How to get to Rome Airport

You’ll need
  • – a bit of cash euros in small notes and coins;
  • – map of Rome.

International travel from Rome is carried out through Fiumicino Airport, which includes 3 terminals: Terminal A, $ Terminal B, Terminal C. Departures to Russia are carried out via terminals B or C. However, they are so close that the crossing between them does not involve any transport.


The easiest way to get from anywhere in Rome at any time of the day to Fiumicino Airport is to book a taxi. If you do not speak Italian or even English, you can explain to the hotel staff or the owners of rental apartments what you need by writing down the time you need a car on your paper, and saying the word “taxi” because it is universal enough.


Calculate the exit time taking into account that the road will take you at least an hour. However, depending on the time of day, you can get into traffic, which will significantly delay you. The cost of the trip will cost you within 50-60 euros. Despite the fact that Italian taxi drivers work on the counter, at night, weekends and holidays, a more expensive fare is included, so that the fare may increase slightly.


You can also get to Fiumicino Airport by buses belonging to different companies and following slightly different routes. In this case, the choice is rationally made based on your place of residence in Rome. From Tiburtina Station you will be able to pick up the bus company Cotral, also it will pick you up from Termini Station. From Termini you can leave and on comfortable buses of SitBusShuttle, equipped with wi-fi connection. Also, this shuttle stops near the Vatican, on Via Crescenzio.


The fare varies depending on the method of purchasing the ticket —SitBusShuttle will cost 5 euros per purchased online ticket and 6 euros per purchased locally. Cotral will cost 4.5 euros per person. However, any bus also has a risk of being stuck in traffic.


In this case, the Express Leonardo train running twice an hour from Termini station has a serious advantage. The fare is 11 euros, but the road will not take more than 30-35 minutes. That’s why you’re guaranteed to get to the airport on time.

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