How to get to Petrozavodska


Petrozavodsk has an airport, and international class. Every day there arrive several planes from Moscow and St. Petersburg. So from these cities you can reach the Karelian capital in about two hours, and from St. Petersburg even faster. By the way, there is a direct link between Petrozavodsk and Helsinki too.


If you travel to Karelia from Moscow or make a transfer in the capital, you need to get to Leningrad railway station. It is located near the metro station “Komsomolskaya”, on the famous square of three stations. There you will easily get on the Moscow-Petrozavodsk train and in about 12-15 hours you will be in place. All trains going towards Murmansk are suitable for you — from Moscow, Novorossiysk, Simferopol, Adler. But watch out — they depart from different Moscow stations, and sometimes even from suburban stations.


There are several trains from St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk. The fastest option is the train, which leaves from Ladoga Station. It only goes 8 hours. To get to it, you need to get to the metro station “Ladozhskaya”, which is on the yellow line. From the same station leaves the train to Murmansk, which also goes through Petrozavodsk.


The second route through St. Petersburg takes somewhat longer. You need to get to Moscow Station, that is to the metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya”. It’s a Metro red line. If you are driving on the Green Line, you can get off at Mayakovskaya, but it is about five minutes walk from the station. This train will take about 15 hours to get to Petrozavodsk.


In Karelia — an extensive network of bus routes. From many cities in the North-West region, Petrozavodsk can be reached without a transfer in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Direct bus service exists to Vologda, Veliky Novgorod, Sortavala, Medvezhegorsk and other cities. There are also international flights to Helsinki. As for St. Petersburg, from the Northern capital to Petrozavodsk can be reached by two routes — from the bus station on Obvodne and from the Northern bus station.



not forget that Petrozavodsk stands on one of the largest lakes in the region, and its center is washed by two rivers. So the Karelian capital can also be reached by water. On the cruise you can go from St. Petersburg, and on the way to see Valaam and Kizhi.

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