How to get to Odessy


Get to Odessa by plane, the choice of airlines is quite large. For example, you can fly from Sheremetyevo Airport three or four times a day with Aeroflot. Travel time is 2 hours 10 minutes. From Domodedovo airport to Odessa there are two flights of the company “S7” which reach their destination within 1 hour 55 minutes. And from the airport “Vnukovo” to Odessa fly at once two airlines — “UTair” and “Transaero”. The first makes one flight a day, the second makes two flights. The flight duration is from 1 hour 50 minutes to 2 hours 10 minutes.


Go to Odessa by long-distance train. Two times a day comfortable trains depart from the Kiev station of the Russian capital. Their following time is 23 hours. That is, it is necessary to spend less than a day on the train. But the train has its undeniable advantage, for example, over the car – it won’t get into a deaf traffic jam and generally follows the schedule.


If you decide to drive to Odessa by car, there are two options. The first is to reach Odessa mainly on the territory of Ukraine. In this case, the route will look like this: Moscow — Obninsk — Kaluga — Bryansk — Glukhov — Chernihiv — Kiev — Odessa. It takes about a day with little if you go nonstop. But the second option, according to many motorists, is not worse, and by some parameters even better. This if you get to Odessa most of all through the territory of Belarus. In this case, the route will be as follows: Moscow — Smolensk — Orsha — Mogilev — Gomel — Chernihiv — Kiev — Uman — Odessa. For a day such distance will not be able to travel and it is better to make a stop in Chernihiv, which is 640 kilometers from Odessa.

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