How to get to Noginska


Going to Noginsk by car or bus, make sure to book extra time on the trip, because. Nizhny Novgorod direction is considered one of the busiest. From the MKAD, turn on the Nizhny Novgorod Highway, passing about thirty kilometers, turn on the sign “Noginsk” left at the traffic light. For a landmark — on the left is a DPS post.


If you don’t want to push in traffic jams, drive on the Shchelkovsky highway. In time it will turn out the same way, but you will go, not stand. After driving on the Shchelkovsky highway about 10 km, at the traffic light in front of the village of Bear Ozera turn right on the sign “Sokolovo”. Next you need to go on the main road.

After passing the village of Sokolovo, turn right at the intersection (at the fork where the main road ends) towards the city of Losino-Petrovsky. In Losino-Petrovsky turn left at the intersection right in front of the temple (left). If the twist you slip, it’s no big deal. After driving along the main road a few kilometers, you will venture into the Nizhny Novgorod Highway in the area of Obukhov, where you will need to turn at the traffic light to the left, further on the main road. If in Losino-Petrovsk you turn right left, keep the main road and in a few kilometers you will come to Noginsk.


Noginsk can be reached by bus. For this you need to come to the bus station Izmaylovo (m. Guerrilla) and take bus number 382 or share taxi number 322. Buses come to Noginsk city station in the city center. In principle, you can use any bus in Vladimir direction. Get off then you have to on the Nizhny Novgorod Highway and get to the city center by another bus.


If you are expensive for your time, go to Noginsk by train. To do this, you need to come to Kursky railway station and buy a ticket on the route Moscow-Zakharovo. No more transit route there by train can be reached.

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