How to get to Kupchino

You will need
  • – scheme of St. Petersburg metro;
  • – timetable for trains from Moscow and Vitebsk railway stations of St. Petersburg.




Cupchino occupies a rather large area. There are several metro stations — “Bucharest”, “International” and “Cupchino” proper. This latter can be reached without a transfer from Pulkovo 2. For this purpose it is enough to get in a share taxi №113.


If you have arrived in Pulkovo 1, you will have to reach the Moskovskaya metro station. It is the closest station to the airport, there are almost all buses and share taxis — 13, 39, 800, 900 and others. Get off at “Moskovskaya”, get down to the subway and take 2 stops. “Cupchino” is the last station on the Blue Line.


Arriving in St. Petersburg by train, consider exactly what part of this area you need. Maybe you won’t need to go down the subway at all. Two railway branches pass through the territory of the district, so you will have enough to pass a couple or three stops by train. If you come to Moscow Station, get on the nearest train station, wherever it goes. All electric trains follow through Porcelain or Sorting, and this is Kupchino. Just remember to see if the train stops at these stations.


You can leave to Kupchino by train from Vitebsk Station. You need to drive to the platform “Kupchino” or “Prospekt Slava”. Through these stations there are trains to Pavlovsk, Novolysino, Oredezh, Settlement. They walk often. Since the station “Kupchino” is a major transport hub, all trains stop at it.


To get to Kupchino from Finland Station, you are best to get down to the subway. Station “Lenin Square” is on the red line, you need to move to blue. Transplants can be done at Technological Institute station. Wander on the underpasses will not be necessary, it is enough on the same platform to go to the opposite side. You need to get to “Technospoon” if your train comes to the Baltic station.


Unlike the rest of St. Petersburg railway stations, Ladozhsky is not on the red line, but on the orange one. As in the previous case, you will have to do a transplant. This time you can reach the metro station “Spasskaya” and go to the station “Sennaya Square”. It’s just on the blue line, so you only have to get on the train and get to the terminus. Another option is possible — on the same “Spasskaya” go to the station “Sadovaya” and take the lilac line to “Bucharest” or “International”.


As for land transport, there is a lot of it in the area. Surface transport can be reached from almost any part of the city, but it is not very convenient because traffic jams in St. Petersburg are not such a rare occurrence.

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