How to get to Borisoglebska



plane to Borisoglebsk — the nearest airport is 70 kilometers away. Therefore, the most common way of travel is a long-distance train. From Paveletsky Station the following trains depart every day: “Moscow-Dushanbe”, “Moscow-Astrakhan”, “Moscow-Khujand”, “Moscow-Volgograd”, “Moscow-Baku” and “Moscow-Balashov”. Travel time is approximately 15 hours and 50 minutes.


When traveling from Moscow to Borisoglebsk, you can use an intercity bus. Three times a week the bus “Moscow-Borisoglebsk” leaves from the bus station, which is located near the metro “Krasnogvardeyskaya”.


It is also possible to use a bus that leaves four times a week from the Teply-Stan metro station.


There is also the third option — the bus “Moscow-Borisoglebsk”, which once a week leaves from the Shchelkovsky bus station. In all three cases, the time spent on the road would equate to 11 hours 10 minutes.


Some use the services of a share taxi, which leaves three times a week from the metro station “Yasenevo”. Minibuses are more comfortable than a regular coach, and go faster. Therefore, by minibus to Borisoglebsk can be reached in 10 hours 30 minutes.


There is a possibility to get from Moscow to Borisoglebsk by car. According to the first option, first it is necessary to go on the route M-4 “Don”, and then turn on the highway P-22 “Caspian”, which will lead through Stupino, Michurinsk and Tambov. After Tambov to Borisoglebsk will remain no more than 60 kilometers. The main advantage of this path is an excellent road surface and a small number of traffic lights.


As for the second option, first it is necessary to move along the route M-4 “Don” through Novomoskovsk and Yelets. And after Voronezh it is necessary to leave to the left on the route A-144, which will lead directly to the outskirts of Borisoglebsk. In both cases, the journey to the destination will take approximately 9 hours and 30 minutes. But that’s only if the roads are free of lots of cars.

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