How to get from Madrid Airport

You will need
  • Small notes or Euro coins

On arrival in Madrid meets you Barajas airport, consisting of four terminals. Most often, planes from Russia arrive in 1 and 4 terminals. If you need to move from terminal to terminal, you can use the green shuttle service between terminals.


There are several ways to get from the airport to the city. The first is the most expensive and not the fact that the fastest is a taxi. The cost of travel from the airport to the city center is estimated to be 30-35 euros. However, it must be remembered that traffic jams are the unpleasant reality of a multimillion-dollar city, so you risk spending a few hours of precious trip time staring out of a taxi window at other cars.


Another way, significantly cheaper, but also paired with traffic jams – bus express. Its feature can be called round-the-clock operation at intervals of 15 minutes by day and half an hour by night. It can be distinguished by its yellow color. Travel on it will cost you 5 euros and take about 40 minutes. The nearest stop is Atocha Station, located in the city centre.


One of the most convenient ways to get from Barajas Airport is by metro. You can use it without leaving the terminal. The peculiarity of this method is that on the metro you can leave any terminal – on the metro map the line linking the airport to the city center is marked with pink color – line â„–8 “Nuevos” Ministerios”. Metro operates from 6am to 1.30am at night.


If you want to get from the airport to Atocha Station, the most convenient way for you will be a train train that goes from the 4 terminal once every half an hour with 5 up to 23 hours. The road to the station takes less than half an hour. The fare will be about 3 euros.


You can buy tickets for the metro and train in the machines, which in large numbers are arranged at all terminals of the airport. It should be remembered that machines do not accept plastic cards and notes, larger than 20 euros, so stock up on small money in advance. Also in Spanish trains the doors do not open on their own to open the door, you need to press the button on the side of the door. The buttons are located on both the inside and outside of the carriages.

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