How to choose a route


Going on a trip, always plan the route in advance. It is better if the main points are marked on the map, then you can represent how accurate the route is calculated.


Points that you will visit, passing along the route, consider in advance. Check on the map where you can refuel (if you travel by car), dine, spend the night. So you can roughly calculate the time you’ll need to get from one point to another.


Mark on the map of the sights. Very often on the road from one to the other find quite interesting, but practically unknown to tourists places. Try to find out in advance what you can see on the route.


Plot extra time for contingencies. The road may be blocked, and you will have to take a detour. Or the museum is closed – your destination and you will go in search of another. If you do not take this into account, the entire route will have to be redone. And so, having time in reserve, you will be sure that you will have time to visit everything you have planned.


Don’t make the route too difficult. In a day it is better to outline no more than three points and if they are not far from each other.


If you’re moving from city to city, plan overnight stays in hotels. So you will not only relax after a difficult day, but also enjoy the beauty of the city at sunset and dawn.


Not always the shortest way equals the fastest. Russia has a lot of roads with disturbed pavement and primers. Sometimes it is better to drive an extra hundred kilometers on the track than to cut the way off-road, where you can get stuck for a long time. Choosing a route, think in advance of all the options of travel from one point to another.


Don’t be afraid to change the route if you see that you chose not the best road. In life, things may not turn out to be as drawn on the map. Be prepared for this and don’t worry if the original plan has undergone some changes.

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