How to choose a camp


When choosing a campfire location, you must first be guided by safety requirements. The bonfire must be bred on the cleared area: it is necessary to remove from the place of the future fireplace all debris, stones, branches, remove the turf in the area of about 1 square meter. If you’re building a bonfire in the winter forest, be sure to inflow snow tightly.


Bonfire bred some distance from trees, shrubs, tall grass. Tree branches should not bow over the bonfire, in wet or snowy weather, rainwater or snow may enter the bonfire. The bonfire should be about 5 meters from the tents, as from it often fly off sparks, perhaps they will not start a fire, but holes in the fabric of the tent will make.


If you create a bonfire on peat soil, be sure to fill the chosen place with a dense layer of sand: if you do not, the fire may go into peat to a depth of and spread over a large area. Peat fires are very difficult to extinguish, it is a real disaster for nature.


In no case can fire near dry grass, reed beds, coniferous shallower, fire in such places spreads with very high speed. And these requirements – not just good advice to tourists, they are the norms prescribed in the legislation, that is for their failure to comply you can seriously be fined.


In order for a bonfire to be easy to breed and maintain, it must be protected from the wind. If you have the opportunity to shelter behind stones – it is very good, if you create a bonfire on an open blown area, it is best to dig a special hole under it.


If there is an old bonfire near your camp, raise a bonfire on it, as each new bonfire leaves on the ground an unhealed several years wound . But make sure there’s no debris in the old fireplace, like batteries or plastic bottles.

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