How to behave in Australia


Australia has a very hot sun, it is dangerous for Europeans unaccustomed to burning rays and can cause quite strong burns. Be sure to buy before your trip a special cream with a degree of protection of at least 30. Prepare also light clothing, better light, made of natural fabrics. In it you will feel comfortable. And don’t forget to purchase good sunglasses. Do not be on the beach between 11 and 16 hours, at which time the sun’s rays are particularly burning.


Holidays in Australia are unthinkable not only without relaxing sunbathers but also without swimming in the ocean. However, it is not possible to dive in water everywhere, but only in places where there are green flags. The fact is there are many dangerous currents off the coast of Australia that can carry even an experienced swimmer into the ocean. Green flags indicate safe areas, and yellow and red indicate danger. Don’t bathe in places like this in any way.


Going on holiday to Australia, consider that not everywhere you can smoke there and not always drink liquor. There are many bans in this country: you can’t smoke not only in state institutions or public places, but also in many restaurants and cafes. So before you get a cigarette, find out if you break the law. Otherwise you have to pay a large fine. As for alcohol, it is sold in Australia only from 5 p.m. to 12 nights, and only on weekdays. In various states in the country, the timing may vary, but not by much. So if you want to afford liquor on, say, Sunday, buy it in advance.


In any country, tourists need to be careful not to be attacked by criminals. Australia has a pretty high level of law and order, but still pocket theft happens. So behave carefully in places where there are many people, near attractions, in transport. If there is a nuisance, any emergency, call from your mobile to the toll-free numbers 000 or 112. They are valid for calling police, ambulance, lifeguards, etc.


Tourists usually like to shop. In Australia, as in many other countries, souvenirs can be purchased to commemorate the trip. Buy items of folk crafts: ceramics, boomerangs. It’s best to purchase things like this from Aboriginal people, in street markets. There’s both cheaper and present, not fake. And bring home Australian opals, the country is famous for these semi-precious stones, here they are inexpensive.

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