How live in England


The national character trait of the English is courtesy and restraint. In communication the English may seem somewhat choppy and cold, but they are always smiling, polite and welcoming. They always say “thank you” and “please.”


The British holy honor their traditions and cultural values. Because of this, they are called an old-fashioned nation. But loyalty to old traditions is not so bad, for example, the famous five-hour tea (and more often tea with milk) is a daily opportunity in the turmoil of everyday life to communicate with family, colleagues or relatives . And old-fashioned cabs and omnibuses are a vibrant attraction of the streets of London.


All holidays (except New Year’s Day, Easter and Christmas) the English celebrate on Mondays. Great English tradition – to gather at the same table the whole family, close and distant relatives. Bright theatrical performances are organised on the streets of London on the holidays.


England is a monarchical country. The people of the country should know and abide by the traditions of royal authority and royal court, which have many public ceremonies.


In cafes and eateries in England you can eat perfectly, but there are almost no national dishes – they can be tried only in restaurants of the highest class at a fairly expensive price: Yorkshire pudding, bay eel, Welsh lamb, etc.


The capital of England – London – is considered the capital of fashion. Here you can dress and very expensive (in boutiques in which very famous people dress) and very cheap (in flea markets, which are popular with young people).


Sports are very popular in England. Sports are engaged both outdoors and in gyms. English people don’t skimp on the purchase of sports equipment and uniforms, on season tickets to the gym. Popular sports for women: walking, aerobics, swimming. Men have: billiards, swimming, football, darts.


In England left-hand traffic on the roads. Therefore, crossing the road, you should first look to the right, and then to the left. This too will need to get used to, as well as to other features of this country.

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