Hotel room cleaning order

Cleaning order


cleaning sequence matters. After all, the hotel usually has one or more cleaners or maids who serve quite a few rooms. The first thing they, according to the order, must clean the rooms that have been booked to date. They then head to the rooms that have just been vacated by the lodgers. Last of all, cleaning of the rooms in which someone resides is done.

If guests do not wish to have cleaning in their room, they can hang a sign on the door “Do not disturb” or “Do not disturb”. If cleaning is required, then hang the plate with the other side – it usually says that you want to bring order in the room. When a “Do Not Disturb” sign hangs on the door, the maid, according to the rules, must not in any way go into your room.

If there is no sign, the maid usually knocks on the door, and if there is someone in the room, she asks permission to do cleaning or finds out what time the guests would be convenient for her to come.

Cleaning technology

There is a certain set of actions that goes into the sequence of room service. It includes ventilation of the room, change of bed linen, towels, wipe surfaces from dust, cleaning of the bathroom and bathroom, and if there are plants in the room, care for them.

When there are several rooms in the room, the maid starts by changing the linen in the bedroom. All other rooms are then served in turns. The last in line will be a bathroom and a bathroom. All the time the cleaning is underway, the windows are usually open so the room can be ventilated. If the room has air conditioning, the maid turns it on for cleaning time, but does not open the window.

General cleaning service

No less than once a week or 10 days is provided. It is never carried out if someone resides in the room. It includes wet cleaning, cleaning of carpeting and upholstered furniture, as well as treatment of bathroom and bathroom with special means.

Additional services

Occasionally, guests need extra cleaning. It is performed in the afternoon, sometimes it only happens at an extra cost. Washing of personal belongings and linen of guests is paid on a separate account. If the guest has made laundry laundry, the maid places it in a package, which then passes to the senior maid, and that already sends it to the laundry room. The senior maid also estimates the cost of laundry and writes out a receipt to pay.

Usually on each floor of the hotel there is a special room where the guest can pat linen or use appliances on his own. Generally, there is no charge for this.

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