Grounds for obtaining residence in Portugal

Employment contract. A large stream of immigrants comes to Europe precisely for the purpose of earning. But work experience and qualifications need to be confirmed with documents. In Portugal, permits for less skilled work are readily granted, but whatever, in which case a certificate of language proficiency is required. When concluding a contract with a new employer, the migration service must immediately notify it.

Marriage and family reunion. In many countries, residence permits are willingly granted to spouses of citizens. Citizenship in Portugal is allowed after three years of marriage. Marriage simplifies the procedure with registration of residence permit — no language certificate is also required, but it does not cause automatic receipt. In order to reunite with the family on the basis of marriage, a consular visa is requested first, and upon arrival in the country apply for residence permit.

Study and improvement of qualifications. It is possible to issue a residence permit in the republic at once for the entire period of the intended training. Some private universities in the country have the opportunity to receive education in English. Once training is completed and employment is obtained, a new permit is requested for the purpose of employment.

Citizenship in Portugal for Sephardic Jews. In a simplified scheme, when no language certificate is required, it is possible to obtain citizenship in the country to descendants of Jews. Sfarad — so before in Hebrew called Spain, the place of residence of Jewish exiles. In the shortest possible time, for 1-2 years, you can get a passport: the term of a residence permit is shortened and it is not necessary to issue a residence permit.

Many do not even think that they are descendants of Jews who experienced the persecution of Catholics in the Middle Ages on the Iberian Peninsula. In 2015, the Portuguese and Spanish governments decided to amend legislation to make it easier for them to obtain citizenship. A list of families who have been persecuted (there are Russian surnames) has been formed. Their descendants can apply for citizenship in Portugal under a simplified scheme.

Real estate acquisition. Buying your own home or apartment makes it easy to issue a legal residence permit. Family members of the property owner also receive citizenship.

Most EU States use this method to provide a residence permit. In Spain, for example, it is enough for housing to buy property worth from 160 thousand euros. But by acquiring citizenship in Spain, Russians are forced to give up theirs. Double, as in the case of Portugal, cannot be purchased. In addition, the procedure for obtaining Spanish citizenship lasts 10 years.

Portugal’s Gold Star immigration program. The official program “Golden Visa” helps its participants to obtain a residence permit for investing in the Portuguese economy in amounts ranging from 350-500 thousand euros. Various conditions of investment are offered: to invest in cultural items, research of scientific and technical nature, start a business, open a deposit in a local bank.

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