Cities of Russia: Pokrov

Located on the banks of the river Shitka, the settlement was on the path of the famous route “Golden Ring”. Visitors are open to ancient temples, museums and exhibitions.

The ancient monuments of the Intercession Church are

more than three hundred years old. Initially, the building was built in the Baroque style, but in the 17th century the structure has changed markedly.

On Lake Vvedenskoye stands the island Svedenskaya Desert. She is famous for her murals.

Like all ancient cities Pokrov shows guests a lot of structures of different styles. Some have retained the original purpose. An example is the city administration building. Once the former Zemskoye Office building was erected in 1840. It is one of the most beautiful structures in the city.

The rectangular shaped brick building has an unsymmetrical richly decorated facade. The large risalite displaced from the main axis is especially spectacular. Beauty is accentuated by a curly attic.



Interest is a bath-museum. The building retained the style of social realism. And inside are all interior items typical for half a century ago.

Russian chocolate is produced in the Pokrové. On the basis of the chocolate factory, a museum was opened in 2000. Its display introduces visitors to the process of creating the treat and the history of the factory.

At the exhibition guests will learn about growing and harvesting cocoa beans, their export, processing, and obtaining various varieties of chocolate. It is believed that in taste, cover chocolate differs markedly from other options of the treat. And that’s the merit of the secret recipe.

In 2009 the city was decorated with an unusual monument. The bronze monument is a fairy wrapped in a tile of chocolate. In her hand, the sorceress holds a smaller tile. According to signs that life became sweet, it is necessary to rub it. The statue is installed on the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the factory.

Besides chocolate, the city produces gingerbread. Make them according to vintage recipes. The factory produces regular gingerbread and houses of them, and even paintings and cakes made of gingerbread. The main feature of the local treat is the absence of eggs in the formulation. Visitors are shown the stages of production, hand-painted and given the opportunity to make their own exclusive version. Interestingly, the tour is conducted in the middle of the production process.

For adults and children

, the

City Art Gallery is not only a display of the works of cover painters, but also workshops, traveling exhibitions and workshops on wool felting, wood carving, making Slavic traditional dolls.

It is also interesting to visit the jewelry factory “Golden domes”. Those who wish are shown the stages of making decorations from the moment of creation of the sketch to the sale. You can hold the jewelry tree in your hands and listen to the recommendations of the craftsmen on the choice and care of the products. The company store offers the opportunity not only to purchase jewelry for every taste, but also to order exclusive accessories.

There is a place that will appeal to both adults and children. The child will be remembered visiting “Circus Shapito Bochkarev”. In addition to clowns, magicians and acrobats there perform trained animals, show bright dance numbers. Memorable souvenirs can be purchased at the shop nearby.

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