Cities of Russia: Petushki


first time Roosters was mentioned in the 17th century. A township of the same name appeared later at the station. In November 1965, the urban-type settlement Novy Petushki became a town.

Rooster Museum

Stylized image of the village bird welcomed guests at the entrance to the city until 2000. It was succeeded by a pedestal with the The most striking attraction is the positive and very sympathetic Rooster Museum.

It is interesting to both children and adults. The exhibition is presented in the form of a fairy settlement. On one of the museum streets you can find out what happened before, egg or chicken. For a symbolic fee of three kukarek is given the opportunity to make a wish. And guests will get acquainted with the life of the ancient village.

The name of the whole bird city has its own gallery, library and a whole street of gifts. There are more than 2000 exhibits at the exhibition, a lot of interesting information about each of which will be told by tour guides.

Buildings and structures

In the Art Nouveau style, which celebrated in 2010 the century-old anniversary of the Assumption of the Mother of God. Erected earlier by him for a decade the church of Nicholas the Wonderworker was destroyed in the twenties.

At the beginning of 2,000th near the station building, construction of a wooden church began in honor of Bishop Athanasius of Kovrov who spent the last years of life in the city. In late October 2020 the consecration of the temple took place


water tower stands near the station. The author of the design is the famous academician Shukho Of the two hundred structures he built, only 8 pieces remain in the country. The most famous is the Shukhov Tower on Shabolovka.

At the station you can also see a monument to the steam locomotive “L” series. It’s like he meets all those who come. The building of the steam locomotive depot, which served as a kind of landmark of the city, was demolished in 2008-2009. A steam locomotive is now installed in its place.

Erofeev and Petushki

In the cultural life of Russia the city was introduced by writer Venedikt Erofeev. According to one version one of the local residents, Valentina Zimanova, became the prototype of the heroine of his poem “Moscow-Petushki”, to which the lyrical hero so aspired. In the town the author, who arrived here in 1959, spent no more than two years.

In nineties there were information that a monument to Venichka was installed at the city station. Thanks to this hearing familiar with the poem guests of the city unsuccessfully search for the monument.

The monument exists in fact, but only elsewhere. The initial project envisioned that the first part of the complex, Venichka, would be installed at Kursk railway station in the capital. His Favorite was to put in the Roosters.

Moved the monument entirely in 2000 to the metro “Mendelevskaya”, in a small square. The quotation from the work is carved on the pedestal of the statue of But in Petushki there is a writer’s museum.

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