10 awesome countries that dont need a visa


 Connoisseurs of hot African exotics can take a full adventure tour to Kenya, located right on the equator. It is generally assumed that the country has strict visa controls, but this is not the case at all. Upon arrival in Kenya, tourists purchase a symbolic visa at a price of about $50. This does not cause much inconvenience, especially since the African State is famous for its low prices. Among the attractions for tourists are spectacular safaris on wild African flora and fauna, magical diving by the Watamu coral reefs, familiarity with the tribal traditions of indigenous Africans and more.


If you want even more exotic, visit Namibia. Getting to this African country is not easy (first you need to go to South Africa, and already there to move to one of the domestic flights), but further impressions are worth it. There are enough inexpensive hotels and campsites, where you can arrange a tour of even wilder and uncharted, but incredibly beautiful land, where practically no foot of Europeans has set foot.


Fond of adventure books and movies? Then you may have heard of Tanzania, whose lands hide many ancient secrets. The country is famous for its extensive savannas forming state reserves. Inside them are beautiful water landscapes, mysterious trails, mysterious tombs and, of course, untouched wildlife. Like Kenya, when entering the country tourists are asked to make a symbolic contribution of $80.

Antigua and Barbuda


Antilles in the Caribbean are home to the little-known States of Antigua and Barbuda. All year round here is hot tropical climate, and already on the location of the countries it becomes clear what expects tourists: excellent coral reefs, azure coves and snow-white sandy beaches . The infrastructure is quite well developed: tourists will have a place to stay. In addition, there are many bright nightclubs and casinos, where you can have an inexpensive and fun time.


This Caribbean island is well known, but for some reason it is considered a kind of out-of-reach dream.$ In fact, entry here is completely free (on arrival a symbolic visa for up to 28 days is issued). This island nation was formerly one of the British colonies, and today it continues to live according to European traditions. All this makes staying here comfortable for tourists, who offer a lot of entertainment and an unforgettable “tropical” holiday.



almost unknown state of Grenada is on an island of the same name in the Caribbean Sea. The country can be visited completely freely and at the same time enjoy all the delights of the sub-equatorial tropical climate and maritime location. In addition to the secluded beaches, the island has dense forests with pristine nature.


Not so long ago, the small but wealthy Arab state of Bahrain opened its borders to all comers (the cost of an entry visa is $19). Today tourism business is actively developing here, affordable and convenient infrastructure is being built, and prices for service remain relatively low. According to legend, it was on this land that the Garden of Eden was once located, which is quite understandable. The country is interesting with unusual combinations of natural beauty: here you can admire and endless sand dunes, and azure shores of the Persian Gulf (part of the Indian Ocean), get acquainted with various wildlife representatives and, of course, exotic Arab traditions.$


Laos is a state in Southeast Asia with a hot sub-equatorial climate. The best to visit the country will be between October and March. Here are excellent preserved ancient oriental traditions, and prices for everything will please even tourists with a very tight budget.

Cape Verde

On the arid Atlantic islands of the Green Cape is the exotic state of Cape Verde. The cost of entering the country (for 30 days) is $32. The tourist infrastructure in Cape Verde is very developed: there are dozens of all-inclusive hotels. More than ten different ocean islands will not miss even avid travelers.


In Central America there is a beckoning tourists and free to visit Guatemala (entry will cost $19). It is a very colorful country, in whose forests preserved ancient monuments and entire Maya cities. Some areas are still inhabited by indigenous Indians, offering guests to participate in mystical rituals.

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